Write copy confidently.
Add personality to your website.
Attract aligned clients & subscribers.

Write copy confidently.
Add personality to your website.
Attract aligned clients & subscribers.

Find out how inside Zafira's intimate group coaching and copywriting program:
The Intention Infusion.

Designed for online entrepreneurs and course creators who are ready to find their voice and sell their offers — effortlessly.

Over four months, you'll receive training, consistent feedback and accountability to clarify your brand messaging across your website, sales pages, emails and funnels.

"Before taking The Intention Infusion, I felt that my writing and emails to my audience were somewhat dull and uninspired. Through taking The Intention Infusion and receiving direct feedback (and excellent coaching) on my writing from Zafira, I was able to integrate more of my personality into my writing, tap into my authentic voice and share that with the world.

I wrote a sales page that converted and that I felt very proud of in the program! I also truly appreciated how Zafira emphasized sustainability and authenticity throughout the program. It really helped me to relax into producing content and my content has benefited from it!!"

My copy converts & I feel relaxed!


It’s time to ditch the fancy copywriting formulas and second-guessing your message! 🤦‍♀️

If you're ready to *finally* connect with your community authentically, make money and overcome perfectionism in marketing yourself...

Let me show you how!

Coaches, course creators, and driven digital entrepreneurs who want to become better writers:


Introducing the flexible, high-touch program that will help you infuse more confidence, clarity, and personality into your copy:

Copywriting, simplified. Five zero-fluff trainings. Personalized feedback and group coaching. Accountability and community to help you focus on leaning into your voice. Serve your people, and uplevel your offers — on your terms. More heart, less overwhelm.

Write or revamp *all* your web copy with more personality, strategy and clarity

YOU can finally:

Find your voice and use it fearlessly in all parts of your marketing


Grow your audience with aligned members (I'll show you how to get in their head!)

Write more confidently, clearly and succinctly (no more rambling)

Receive expert feedback on every piece of copy you write in the program

Get important to-do's checked off your list — from your lead magnet to your welcome email sequence

Want to round out 2023 feeling like, "I'm SO proud of my copy?"

"The Intention Infusion is a game-changer. This is a fabulous course if you don't enjoy writing, you aren't a confident writer, or have been meaning to dedicate more time to your brand but haven't found the time to do it!

This program will make you re-discover your love for writing. It changes your mindset from something you HAVE to do for your business to something you GET to do for your business. 

Within the first three weeks in The Intention Infusion, the program had already paid for itself. Zafira’s lessons, carefully assembled templates and feedback not only increase your confidence but actually get you real results. You learn how to approach your business with intention and in your own way.

As a copywriter, it makes me incredibly nervous to have other copywriters look at my copy. Zafira’s approach is gentle and welcoming. I always buzzed with excitement after our copy critiques. Her eyes on your copy take it from good to super-duper amazing. 

Now that the program is over (even though I feel super sad that I don’t get to hang out with Zafira and my cohort) I feel much more confident in the words I write and can see more value in what I offer. Plus, I finally have a website I’m not embarrassed to show my clients! Just DO IT. You’ll find yourself writing even more and loving every second of it."

—  Michelle Carrington, Beauty Copywriter

It paid for itself within three weeks!

"Starting this program means you will grow authentically and confidently in your business without wasting time in doubting yourself.

It's a deep experience for finding your voice in a practical and 'implementable' way so that you can share your services professionally without sounding "salesy" and with your own unique personality — which results in attracting authentic people reaching out to you who want your help in improving their lives.

I'm so glad I finally know what my voice is — I'm starting to see immense possibilities for myself. And honestly... The value of this program is at least 10x more than what I paid for it!"


It's worth 10X the price!

"The Intention Infusion has been one of the best investments I have made in my business! With Zafira's guidance, I was able to create a new and exciting landing page for my lead magnet, write a very high converting sales page for my online course as well as write a new email sequence for my email list. 

After taking the Intention Infusion and implementing it in my business, I have quadrupled the registration for my online webinars and doubled the enrolment in my online course!

I highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to sound like themselves and attract dream clients through their copy — whether it's your emails or your website — Zafira has the magic formula for you!

I can't tell you how many times people ask me "who wrote your sales page?" or "who writes your emails?" and I am happy to say that I wrote them myself because I took Zafira's Intention Infusion program."

— Swapna Patel, Personal Style Expert & Course Creator

Zafira has the magic formula for you.

  • Learn how to tap into your natural writing voice and use it comfortably in your copy, everywhere.
  • Reach out to your audience to extract the “voice of customer” you need to be aware of while writing, with my proven customer research strategies.
  • Create your own brand messaging guide to turn to whenever you write, or to hand off to a contractor supporting you on a project.
  • Steal my advice for how to create irresistible offers that position you as high-value — no matter where you’re at in your journey.
  • Craft your signature process or framework to set you apart from the pack.
  • Walk away with refreshed or brand new offers, programs, or packages you can’t wait to sell to your audience!

Here's exactly what you'll learn.

Brand Messaging 101

Own Your Offer



  • Pick the best lead magnet for your business and find out which one is the right fit for you.
  • Upgrade or create your lead magnet (plus your opt-in page!), and learn how to make it an intentional one in alignment with your brand.
  • Zoom out to the Big Picture to understand why and how we need to nurture our audiences organically.

Nurture Your Audience


  • Get your Home, About, and Services web copy done n' dusted with easy-peasy frameworks (+ copy swipes my private clients have paid thousands of dollars for, to inspire you!)
  • Infuse your brand messaging into your language and see how it alll fits together.
  • Bonus: you'll also get access to my custom sales page frameworks for group programs that suit every reader or experience (I'm talkin' short-form and long-form options!)

Sell With Personality


The Intention Infusion gives you instant access to five core video trainings (with fab workbooks!), an intimate community of like-minded entrepreneurs, plus four months of LIVE group coaching with Zafira. 

You’ll get access to the *exact* brand messaging strategies, copy frameworks, swipes, and more that have helped my members and clients say: “finally, copy that feels like ME.”


  • Write your welcome email sequence with more ease, clarity, and direction — so that your lead magnets and email funnels start converting, and quickly!
  • Get the email copy frameworks you need to create, market, and share value with your audience (without disappearing into the crowd), consistently.
  • Receive access to my unlimited bank of email ideas for you to write consistent, compelling emails that your people will look forward to reading, responding to, and bookmarking. (And turns them into lifetime customers!)

Elevate Your Emails



Your words, conversations, and questions have a safe space inside our private Intention Infusion Facebook Group.

We'll have two hot seat calls per month to support each other through any challenges you're facing.


VIP members get access to 1:1 coaching calls with Zafira and a private Slack channel to share copy and receive feedback for the duration of the program!

This is the BEST option for folks who like to take action, enjoy accountability, and move forward with clarity quickly.


Get started right away and begin putting these modules and your bonuses into action!

Want to take an accelerated path or chill and spread out your learning? No matter what you need, you’ll have access to three unique implementation plans to help you stay accountable and learn at your own pace, PLUS the option to pick from using workbooks or Google Docs for your homework.


For coaches + course creators who want to sell their programs without feeling icky... 

Finally, write sales copy that feels 100% YOU (and still dings endless Stripe notifications) without feeling stumped!

With an easy-to-follow video training, over 80+ pages of copy examples, a workbook AND sales page swipes from my highest-converting clients…

You’ll be able to apply an instant makeover to your sales page that helps your personality pop off the screen and into wallets that want more of it.

200+ folks have purchased this kit and seen *instant* results. Maybe you'll be next?

*This fast action bonus is available to the first 5 people who enrol!*

The Sales Page Personality Kit ($297 value)


"If you want to be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and learn how to find your voice and writing style, this is the program for you! It's such a unique experience to work, learn, and receive feedback from a world-class copywriter.

Being coached by Zafira truly exceeded my expectations. Her unique and supportive approach to showing others the way to find their voice is truly extraordinary. The personal growth I've experienced and clarity in my business has been a gift and I can't wait to launch my website! I am truly grateful."

Being coached by Zafira exceeded my expectations.

— Emily May, Mindful Marketing Strategist & Business Coach

Ready to boost your confidence, embrace your inner writer, gain more clarity *and* more aligned customers?

of course you are!


  • COURSE: Instant access to all 5 Intention Infusion training modules
  • COACHING: 2 x 90-minute Hot Seat group coaching sessions per month
  • COMMUNITY: Private Facebook Group for support from Zafira and the community





The Intention Infusion


*Everything* included in core The Intention Infusion experience, PLUS:

  • PRIVATE COACHING: 4 x 60-minute coaching calls with Zafira
  • PERSONALIZED EDITS: 1 x personal copyediting session per month
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: Private Slack channel access for exclusive access to Zafira

The Intention Infusion *VIP*

Applications close on June 16. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*All payments are in US Dollars. Monthly payments start from the first day of purchase.

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

Perfect if you get stuck in your head.

"The Intention Infusion was exactly what I needed to marry my personality with my professional marketing experience. This allowed me to really show up in my business differently and have confidence in writing emails and copy for my business. Being able to have Zafira’s feedback was SO valuable — I can get stuck spinning in my head so having her and the group to bounce ideas off was really amazing. I loved the writing prompts, examples, live calls and was able to refine my offers, add personality to my website and be held accountable to show up for myself and my business!"

chassie loved the personalized feedback


Fall back in love with the idea of writing.

“I have so much gratitude for you, Zafira! I’m falling back in love with the idea of writing and realizing my fear was just about whenever I had to make my copy public. I feel like I’ve unveiled something within and I’m so eager to keep pushing through the fear now and getting okay with putting myself out there. Because how can your people find you if you’re not out there?? Being you and your most authentic self and connecting with the people I want to help has been so great. I loved all of the members in this container, bringing our messy ideas to the table, and being curious has helped me realize we’re all in it, all the time. Thank you for the opportunity to move through all of this together!”


The experience surpasses your expectations.

"Zafira is pure brilliance and kindness! She is a wordsmith and she draws out the essence of who you are and helps you infuse that into your website and copy in a way that is compelling and of service to your ideal client. I have so much more confidence in my writing skills because of my experience in Intention Infusion. The support, guidance, and community was way beyond my expectations!”


Have we been *officially* introduced?

Hey friend, I’m Zafira — intuitive brand therapist, bookworm-turned-copywriter, owner of several hundred books, ocean dipper, dog/baby/plant mama… And one heck of a good listener.

My superpower is building the bridge between your audience and your *unique* voice — by listening closely for the messaging gaps that need to be filled — so that you never dread writing about yourself again.

I believe in personality-driven, soulful copy because I know we need more quirks, weird and purpose in the way we market authentically today. 

And most importantly, intention – in how we learn and implement.

As a lover of an endless to-do list,  I also know that there’s never any *real* urgency to revamp our web copy, email our list or, ya know… Any of those “market-y” things… 

But the longer we wait, the harder it gets to cultivate the confidence you need to get comfortable with it. 

hey friend!

Honing your voice takes time and practice.

In short: it's a muscle that needs space to be flexed. 

That’s why I created The Intention Infusion — so I can hold that space to coach you through it, build a strong foundation and actionable practices to do so consistently after our time together ends.

More than ever before, learning to connect authentically with your audience is becoming increasingly important in a world where we're addicted to the scroll.

What will YOU say to make folks stop, read and listen?

If you’re ready to show up as the Real You in your web copy, emails, and more — I’d be honored to guide you through the murky marketing waters to arrive at clarity. 

Whaddaya say, you in? 


“This program brings out the voice you've always had that's been playing shy. I've learned so much about how to frame my words to my audience — I gained so much more clarity on how I want to shape my offerings, showed up on social media and the community was invaluable. How I show up now is braver, clear, and more authentic because the words have formed themselves to tell the world what I’m up to!

Zafira is best-in-her-class at putting together frameworks that put ease into the writing process and the whole experience of Intention Infusion is so inspiring, supportive, and fun. Writing has always tripped me up and now I’m embracing it!

It’s time to bring out the voice that’s been playing shy.

— Kathleen Westerhout, Modern Ceremony Facilitator & End-Of-Life Doula


  • COURSE: Instant access to all 5 Intention Infusion training modules
  • COACHING: 2 x 90-minute Hot Seat group coaching sessions per month
  • COMMUNITY: Private Facebook Group for support from Zafira and the community





The Intention Infusion


*Everything* included in core The Intention Infusion experience, PLUS:

  • PRIVATE COACHING: 4 x 60-minute coaching calls with Zafira
  • PERSONALIZED EDITS: 1 x personal copyediting session per month
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: Private Slack channel access for exclusive access to Zafira

The Intention Infusion *VIP*

Applications close on June 16. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*All payments are in US Dollars. Monthly payments start from the first day of purchase.

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

“The level of support, information, templates, community, coworking sessions, hot seats, and support I received inside The Intention Infusion is incomparable to any other program I've ever been in.

I wanted help with my brand messaging and web copy and I got wayyy more than I paid for. Whether it was through my newsletter or welcome sequence, I felt so boxed in before and turned away so many people because I was always told to do things one way by other coaches.

This program gave me the permission to be more creative and take up more space in the online industry! I don’t feel crowded or overwhelmed — I’m just getting started. And I’m still in awe of the level of personalization and care Zafira poured into this program.

Thanks to The Intention Infusion, I was able to launch a new low-ticket offer (a workshop), landed a podcast episode feature in collaboration with another Intention Infusion member, and created my own unique process that I’m now using to work with my clients. If you're ready to be more visible in an authentic, purpose-driven, and specific way, say yes to this program before you even think about it!”

Take up space the way *you* want to.


"My writing has become more potent. I arrived here on the tail-end of creating my new brand and this program had everything I needed to write my web copy from scratch, as SO much more! Between the abundant yet totally digestible modules, and Zafira and the group's feedback, my copy became more me, more fun, and more relatable.

It was so intentional and organized. I felt like I had everything I needed to get my web copy done — start to finish — without feeling overwhelmed (which will often paralyze me). I have bought so many online courses that I never finished, or just watched the videos without taking much action. The Intention Infusion felt different. This program really helped me grow as a writer and a solopreneur. I'm so glad I signed up when I did!"

Receive all the tools you need to write.


Wanna know what makes this program special?

This is what real members shared:


Together, we critique your copy LIVE together directly on the call. Laser-focused attention from 10 people PLUS Zafira leads to...

...Genuine, thoughtful feedback that moves your copy forward instantly. This isn't feedback to cheerlead you on — it's tangible, focused and helps you become a better writer each time.

Michelle C. shared:

"If I was forced to choose my most favourite part... Hmmm. I think it'd have to be Zafira's copy critiques during hot seats. I am a very anxious person with massive imposter syndrome. Letting others review my copy is terrifying. I didn't feel that way with Zafira, her feedback style is gentle, constructive and reassuring. She saw things I couldn't see, and knows how to ask the right questions. PLUS, I liked that these coaching calls where done in a group setting. Every single one of my peers added something special."

P.S. Each member is guaranteed 15-20 minutes of Hot Seat time per call, due to the intimate nature of our group.

the content is designed to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only should you be able to finish this program, but you'll continue to KEEP coming back to it as your brand continues to evolve.

I routinely hear from members two or three years later who share that they still return to the content when their businesses reach new milestones; like introducing group programs, creating a new lead magnet or writing fresh sales pages.

Like any space you occupy, your BUSINESS needs a refresh every few years.

Instead of buying yet another course when that happens, investing in THIS program will ensure you continue to be set up for success — no matter what unfolds next.


Each member who joins The Intention Infusion has been through an application process.

In order for your voice to truly flourish, you need a safe space surrounded by people who are equally driven and motivated.

The magic of each cohort isn't just the course content, it's the community.

My members have gone on to collaborate with each other, guest on each other's podcasts, hire each other, refer each other and genuinely uplift their respective businesses... Because they were aligned in so many ways.

Swapna P. shared:

"I loved the group of people that were in the program with me. In many ways, we were each others ideal audience, so it was good to get feedback from them on ideas, concepts and of course encouragement. I absolutely loved the way Zafira has laid out her program. The course is structured beautifully, where you can progress from one module to the next. But also jump to a specific topic if you needed help with something specific. Zafira is very generous with her time and genius! It was invaluable to have her and the community look over my copy and give her intelligent feedback for improvement."

We value transparency, safety, support and care in this space, which makes ALL the difference when you're trying to improve your writing. 

“When I joined The Intention Infusion, I was struggling to find and own my voice when it came to my business. I didn't know anything about how to write a sales page, avoided opening up my web copy and email funnels?! I had NO idea how to write them and I needed help! Plus, I wanted to learn the skill of copywriting for myself vs. outsourcing each time.

During the program, I landed a podcast through a guest expert, totally changed and refined my brand (and I love my new direction!), got ALL my web copy written and found a lovely community with the other coaches in the program to rely on! It’s not just a copywriting program, it’s totally group coaching that helps with so many other aspects of our businesses — there was SO MUCH value throughout.

I feel so much more confident in my ability to write an email and web copy now. It honestly feels like a weight has been lifted and I don't avoid this aspect of my biz anymore! 

If you hate thinking about and taking action regarding copywriting — that's a signal you need help. I thought I could watch all the free webinars for email funnels and how to write a sales page and that was so surface level. I feel so much more confident after taking The Intention Infusion and it was 1000% money well spent!”

— Parween Mander, Millennial Money Coach

If you dread copywriting... You need this.

"Zafira is the real deal. The level of thoughtfulness she poured into this program was amazing — from the detailed trainings, the easy-to-implement tools, the support, and my favourite part, the weekly group calls! I also loved learning how to create sales copy that feels genuine.

I’ve learned from people in the past who encourage focusing on people's weaknesses in marketing and it felt so ICK. There are sooo many great tools in this program to show you how to speak to your ideal person in a genuine way which is so important to me. 

I've created two totally great sales pages which I'm very proud of and finally got around to updating my service page on coaching. I followed her process which made it so much easier and honestly more enjoyable. I finally feel like I can articulate what I do in a meaningful way! The Intention Infusion has helped me become so much more clear & confident about my messaging and I can't thank Zafira enough! I've been in various groups before and I've never seen a program run so well. The structure was great, the schedule was clear, the community was fantastic and she's an all-around amazing leader. Seriously, a 10/10 experience!"

— Kristy Vail, Certified Professional Life Coach, C.P.C + Interior Designer, D.I.D

I've never seen a program run *so* well.







If you struggle with *any* of these things, you have to apply...


Stop overthinking everything you write (and start loving it instead)

Revamp crucial parts of copy in your business with a clear, strategic approach that still folds in spoonfuls of your personality

Show your audience what *actually* sets you apart from other course creators (by embracing your weird side)

Write emails, social media posts, and more with a steady stream of creative ideas (and support to test them out before you do)

Uplevel the copy you *already* have with tailored feedback and support (no one left behind!)

Connect with a conscious, heart-centered community that believes in serving their audience with integrity (no douchebags allowed)

TL; DR? The Intention Infusion will give you the tools you need to…

apply right here!

Apply for The Intention Infusion while doors are open for the only time this year...

… And thank yourself for the conversions, comfort with your writing voice, and new customers later!


My Guarantee To You

If you decide within 14 days of purchasing that The Intention Infusion isn’t a good fit for you, reach out to let me know why. If I can’t help you resolve the issue, I’ll provide you with a 100% refund.


A safe space where I was held.

“I feel much more confident, clear, and ready to move forward with my business now that I have more trust in my own voice and my own process. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this because I was so new in my business, but I’m so glad I created the space for it and that Zafira was so supportive and gentle in helping me relax into this work in such a safe group, where I was held by everyone. All our coaching calls lifted me up and reminded me that I’m ready to step into confidence. I’ve finally started coaching women and moving forward, my way!”



I got clear on how I'm of service to the world.

“Being a dancer, words are not my natural choice of expression, and talking about what I do is something I struggle with. Zafira really challenged me to talk about what I do and the power of it. Outlining exactly what I do has been such an important piece that has been missing from my work, and getting really clear on how it's of service in the world is so beautiful! The Intention Infusion is an incredible opportunity to refine your vision and voice whilst connecting with an aligned and inspiring community! I’ve got new clarity on the direction and value of my personal brand — I'll be re-doing my website completely and launching new digital offers!"


I'm expressing myself as I am: unfiltered.

“The Intention Infusion has solidified how I want to show up in my business and which voice to use and when. I have been able to re-calibrate my own imposter syndrome and feel confident in expressing myself exactly as I am. Unfiltered. The program gave me so much courage, and allowed me a sense of community; I love it. I will use every lesson I learned and cherish this experience forever. And I will think of Zafira every time someone signs on with me knowing that what she taught me helped me align with my clients through my writing!”


P.S. Marketing yourself is getting increasingly automated (hello, AI!), which means *your* differentiator in years to come will be your personality, unique stories and viewpoint

I'll help you reflect them effortlessly.


  • COURSE: Instant access to all 5 Intention Infusion training modules
  • COACHING: 2 x 90-minute Hot Seat group coaching sessions per month
  • COMMUNITY: Private Facebook Group for support from Zafira and the community





The Intention Infusion


*Everything* included in core The Intention Infusion experience, PLUS:

  • PRIVATE COACHING: 4 x 60-minute coaching calls with Zafira
  • PERSONALIZED EDITS: 1 x personal copyediting session per month
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: Private Slack channel access for exclusive access to Zafira

The Intention Infusion *VIP*

Applications close on June 16. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*All payments are in US Dollars. Monthly payments start from the first day of purchase.

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

How will I access content for the course?

You’ll have instant access to the module slides and associated resources in our course platform Podia as soon as you purchase the program, as well as three implementation plans to choose from so you can go at your own pace and still hold yourself accountable to implementing. 

Still got questions?
Great! I've got answers.

What if I can't make the live calls?

No fear! We’ll record every session and upload it to your training platform, Podia, as soon as it’s done and you’ll have the opportunity to submit any questions you have in advance, in case the timing doesn’t line up for you that day. Our Facebook Group is also *always* open for you to post questions, challenges, and copy for review.

Why do I have to apply to join The Intention Infusion before enrolling?

Creating a close community of conscious entrepreneurs means knowing each member, their unique challenges, and what they can contribute to the group as well. For that reason, applications will ensure that I can create that space for you — and it’ll also help us see if this program is the best fit for what your business needs right now. I’ll be candid if I believe it’s not a good fit for you at the moment, too.

What timezone will our live calls be in?

Our live co-writing calls take place every other Wednesday at 1.30 PM PST, starting from June 21, 2023. It takes magic to accommodate as many time zones as possible, and this seems to be the sweet spot!

Will you edit my work for me?

While I won’t be offering direct copy edits (unless you're a VIP member), I’ll be providing high-level strategic feedback on your copy and more in-depth input during our Hot Seat calls.

Will you be offering this program again?

I'm not sure! This may be the last live round of The Intention Infusion for the foreseeable future. I can't make any promises — that's why I highly recommend applying now if you want to be part of this experience with my personal input.

How long do I have access to the program?

Broadly speaking, forever (you will come back to it time and time again as your business evolves!). Technically, live support is available to you from June 21, 2023 up until October 11, 2023. However, there is zero pressure to attend all our live calls or to move through the content at breakneck speed! This program is designed to meet you where you’re at. 

VIP members will have the option to utilize their private coaching calls up until November 30, 2023.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! As much as I’d love to have *everyone* be 100% satisfied with this program, I understand that you might change your mind. If you decide within 14 days of purchasing that The Intention Infusion isn’t a good fit for you, reach out to support@zafirarajan.com to let me know why. If I can’t help you resolve the issue, I’ll provide you with a 100% refund. 

(P.S. Know that I may also ask for additional information and feedback so I can continue improving and upgrading the program, in the event that this happens.) 

What happens after I apply?

After you fill out an easy-peasy application form, I’ll review it and let you know if you’re a good fit for the program. If so, hooray! I’ll send you a private enrolment link and I'm happy to chat with you if you need it. If not, I’ll point you in the right direction and honestly recommend alternative options for you.

How many spots are available? Am I actually a good fit?

This cohort of The Intention Infusion is limited to 10 people only, and spots are first-come, first-serve. (Note that there are only 5 VIP spots available.)

How do you know if you're aligned with this community? Well, as long as you’re committed to your own success as much as you are to the success of your crew inside this program — and you uphold our standards for safety and no-douchebag policy within it, you’re a great fit to join us. My priority is always to create a close, connected and collaborative community that values service to others and making a positive impact. 

If you're a coach, course creator (or honestly, *any* type of online entrepreneur) who's always felt like your writing is missing something (the real YOU!), you're in good company to evolve and lean into your voice here.

I still have questions! How do I get in touch with you?

Just email zafira@zafirarajan.com and I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!

How do you accept payment for the program?

All major credit cards are accepted. If you need to pay with an alternate method though, we’ll figure it out!

“Originally I joined The Intention Infusion to work on a newer business of mine, but I started using it for my own photography business too. I’ve always had a steady stream of clients and didn't have to redo a ton — but I did it anyway and it actually brought me back to who I am and what I love: caring about my clients, reaching out to old ones who helped me get started and it has been really special. 

It’s also so cool that by being isolated in the last few years, having this community of entrepreneurs has been so encouraging. The best thing about this program is that I feel reconnected and excited about my business now that I have this reset. I was so overwhelmed by copywriting before; and it has been so simplified for me here by focusing on my voice, what I offer, caring about the community that I’m serving… Versus all the complex formulas and techniques and psychology. At the end of the day, it’s really about being authentic and serving my people. 

The Intention Infusion stripped away a lot of my perfectionism and I’m excited to rebrand, now that I have all the copy for my new website and have so many new ideas about how I’m going to serve clients in the next couple of years!”

— Kim Johnson, Wedding Photographer

It brought me back to what I love & got me excited to rebrand!

Know that brand therapy is a real thing -

-- And I'm here to hold space for you.

While I'm not exactly a certified counsellor...

I have heard the words "brand therapist" come up on more than one occasion when chatting with clients and Intention Infusion members about our experience working together.

And I know it's because sometimes…

It takes someone *else*, or a different perspective, to help you get out of your own way when you tell your story.

Someone who sees the diamonds and sparkles in the corners you might be missing. Someone to hand you the Kleenex and say, the first step is cranking out a Shitty First Draft. But goddamn, you finally tried it out. And you did it.

That's the vibe I go for in The Intention Infusion.

Active listening. Providing perspective. Tracking your progress and how you're evolving.


When you join, we enter into a pretty sweet deal...

  • I say: "I'm here to hold space for you to learn, create and implement."
  • You say: "I have no excuses but to show up for myself, write, practice and experiment."

If you’re still on the fence about whether this program is for you, I’ll tell it to you straight — you should only apply *if* you are committed to showing up, being present, and doing the work vs. letting this program gather digital dust.

You don’t have to run a marathon here, but as long as you’re strolling at your own pace and maintain momentum in your own way, I’ll know that this investment was the right choice for you.

So, if you’re… 

  • Tired of grappling with perfectionism in your writing...
  • Seeking support to light a creative fire under you and get your brain juices flowing...
  • Excited about built-in accountability to up-level your brand message, web copy and perfect your offer/s and… 
  • Ready to *finally* show up for yourself — so you can show up for your audience...

Know that the Intention Infusion is going to be the supportive, overwhelm-free, and get-'er-done space to activate all of the above… Wherever you’re at in your journey.

Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve scaled to creating courses, this foundational messaging program  is designed to evolve with all coaches and course creators who want to find and use their voice to make an impact.

No matter what you decide...

The most important thing is that you take a step forward, your way.

Whether that’s inside The Intention Infusion or not, consider me your confidence cheerleader + brand therapist cheering you on every step of the way.

With copy love,

“I really wanted to rewrite my web copy and find my voice when I joined The Intention Infusion.

Now, I have 4 new nurture email sequences, new and improved offers, an entirely rewritten website, newfound writing skills, and NEW FRIENDS!

I loved how well-rounded the program was — there were so many different avenues for support and learning. I could have worked through it all by reading blog posts about web copy and offers, but it felt so much more impactful to sit in a container with such beautiful human beings that are showing up in a world so uniquely and have really shown up for each other. I felt like everyone was invested in each other’s success.

What Zafira created was magical— truly, I'm leaving with so much more than better copy. If you’re thinking about joining, DO IT! You'll walk away with stronger brand messaging, crystal clear offers, and a whole new outlook on your business.”

Join a crew that's genuinely invested in your success.


"The Intention Infusion course is not like other copywriting courses. It's very effective, the videos really dive deep, and the handouts are the most in-depth and helpful I've seen from a course.

The process potion was a great concept to get into your client's minds and on how you can best help them (two birds with one stone here.) Zafira's hot seat calls were my favourite part of the course as they helped me stay organized and committed to the work I was doing. I loved everyone's feedback (including Zafira's obvi).

Everything about the course materials and the sessions provide tangible tips to improve your copywriting. Zafira just gets it and she even teaches you a ritual to get into it. Who else does that?! LOVE it!"

Get inside your client's heads.


“When I think of myself in my highest, truest version of myself — she’s always thriving and energized, and this program has given me permission to honour that in my personal and professional life. As a new entrepreneur, I felt like for so long I wasn’t honouring that feeling within that I was needed to go after my true calling. I didn’t know if I was ready or had enough experience to be in this program, but the group allowed me to show up in this safe space and step into alignment as I move forward in my business. 

I can now fully show up in my business, move forward with a heart-centred approach, and feel supported doing that! Before I felt like I had to meld myself tirelessly into someone else, and as an introvert I’m finally, slowly, opening up parts of myself that were scary before — and The Intention Infusion helped me do it.”

Show up with a truly heart-centred approach.

— Grace Sullivan, Beauty & Wellness Copywriter


  • COURSE: Instant access to all 5 Intention Infusion training modules
  • COACHING: 2 x 90-minute Hot Seat group coaching sessions per month
  • COMMUNITY: Private Facebook Group for support from Zafira and the community





The Intention Infusion


*Everything* included in core The Intention Infusion experience, PLUS:

  • PRIVATE COACHING: 4 x 60-minute coaching calls with Zafira
  • PERSONALIZED EDITS: 1 x personal copyediting session per month
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: Private Slack channel access for exclusive access to Zafira

The Intention Infusion *VIP*

Applications close on June 16. Enrolment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*All payments are in US Dollars. Monthly payments start from the first day of purchase.

6-month & 12-month payment plans available

6-month & 12-month payment plans available